Thursday 28th November 2019

by Vanessa

With the advanced technology in the modern world, you can make the operations of your business swifter and efficient through various options such as the data centers. Most of those who use these datacentres in their business record great improvement in terms of returns and customer connections. Data facilities come in different types and with different options. For you to know the best datacentre to establish in your business, you need to consider a number of factors such as:

Expansion and flexibility options

The datacentre that the provider installs for you should not only serve your business now but also in the coming several years. With this in mind, you can expect that different data facility providers have different flexibility levels. Be aware that some providers offer datacentre solutions that might not meet your needs fully, while other providers offer customized solutions that are more flexible to use. If you work in your business even at late hours at night, you should consider a datacentre provider who will create more space in your business datacentres to accommodate additional connectivity and power.


If you choose the wrong location for your datacentre, you will affect your business adversely in a number of ways. The location of the datacentre matters most especially if you want anyone from your company or business to access the physical location, or even when you want to service or upgrade your data storage equipment. Before you choose your datacentre, it is paramount to consider if the location is prone to natural calamities such as tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes. Although most providers bear these factors in mind when building the data facility, it is not harmful to be extra considerate with its Data Centre Disaster Recovery Plan. With a good location, it is possible for fiber paths and power to flow into and out of the building.


Most providers measure reliability as uptime when it comes to installing datacentres. Still, on the reliability factor, you should consider the on-site support, customer feedback and staff certifications of the datacentre provider.

Network ecosystem

The data facility helps you to interconnect with people of different categories within a particular data space that you share with them. In fact, the datacentre would increase the value of your business since you would interconnect with competitors, distributors, and partners within that data facility. But, before you select any datacentre, it is important to assess its connectivity options and find out if the facility is carrier-neutral.  In addition, you can also find out if the facility has a large ecosystem where customers are interconnecting easily and if it has an efficient Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan

Financial stability

The provider you choose to install the data facility should have enough finances for that work. In fact, the provider should be able to install quality and durable data facilities even if they are expensive to access. You should not aim at installing cheaper data facilities that would close down after a few years especially if you have a Disaster Recovery Plan in mind. Look at the financial history, financial reports and press releases of the provider to assess if the facility they install in your business can last for at least five years.

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