Thursday 19th December 2013

by Vanessa

If there is one thing that can make time spent in a swimming pool turn like a vacation, it is improving its look. And that can be easily achieved by pool balustrading. POOL Balustrading Gold Coast-based services do exactly that by installing state-of-the-art aesthetically pleasing fences around your pool. Absolute Custom Glass Systems offer some of the best pool fencing Gold Coast based services available today, using only the finest possible materials.

Pool Balustrading Gold coast

Pool Balustrading Gold coast

Custom Glass Systems

Absolut Custom Glass Systems, a family-owned and operated company, provides service from the Gold Coast to the Byron Bay area. They both supply and install customized glass systems for residential and commercial industries.

Over their decade and a half in the business, they have already completed at least 3,000 residential and commercial projects and have done so successfully. With projects ranging from $500 to a half million, it is undebatable that Absolut does provide the best service possible without compromising on quality. A quick look at their website will show you all that you need to know about the company and its unparalleled services.

One of their goals is to provide grand glass pool fencing Gold Coast service that delivers guaranteed results. Their choice of work and overall aesthetic mastery is known to enhance pools and other outdoor areas with elegance that ranges from the contemporary to the sophisticated, all the while providing maximum safety and minimal maintenance.

Pool Fence Installation
The glass pool fence installation Gold Coast aesthetics creates a surrealistic sense of light and space while the views of the pool is maximised through the absence of obstructed sight lines. Compared to other companies that provide limited pool fencing services, Absolut Custom Glass Systems provide a wide array of modern frameless and semi-frameless glass designs and, as their name suggests, create a customized design to suit the customer’s wishes. After all, pool fence installation in Gold Coast can only make a beautiful house even more attractive.

Pool Glass Balustrading

They also offer pool glass balustrading Gold Coast installations. Their services even extend to areas outside of the Gold Coast, such as Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. Absolut makes sure that their product range is updated constantly and their pool balustrading Gold Coast materials are guaranteed industrial-grade, ensuring the utmost in durability and quality.

Absolut Custom Glass

Jason Walsh, the face of Absolut Custom Glass Systems, has been noted by a string of their customers from both residential and commercial industries as nothing but an always courteous, respectful and trustworthy man. His organization skills have always been noted as exceptional. And most importantly, he can be expected to be always be punctual.

The family owned company also has a special offer in frameless pool fencing. What used to be $600 per Lm is now only $299. On top of that, they give away a free frameless gate for every 10 meter of frameless pool fencing installed.

Absolut Custom Glass Systems can be reached 0410 534 137 or by dropping at They are located in 2/45-47 Township Drive, Burleigh Heads, Queensland.

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