Monday 12th February 2018

by Vanessa

One of the most profitable businesses is farming. This is exactly why the agricultural sector continues to grow and expand on a massive scale. Thousands of small agricultural industries are mushrooming, while large businesses expand. Part of the job in a farmland is handling hay bales. While the agricultural sector is expanding, some farmers still have to update their methods and technologies, especially in terms of handling hale bay. The handling and the transporting of hay bales also remain a long and dangerous task. With Tuskan bale spike, farmers can skip the process through a safe and advanced method.

bale spike

A usual method practiced by most farmers in handling bale involves the use of a square bale fork and a forklift. Square and round bales that weigh thousands of kilograms are wrapped in a string and attached to the fork. Then, the bale is loaded into a feed mixer. Before dropping it into the machine, the farmer jumps out of the forklift, climbs up a ladder, and proceeds to the hay bale to cut the string. As easy as it looks, this task is extremely dangerous, considering that the farmer is standing over the feed mixer with functioning grinding rotors rotating at full speed. The farmer repeats the same process over and over again until all bales are loaded into the mixer.

Another method involves the use of a Tuskan bale spike. This forklift attachment has twin spikes, arranged in horizontal parallels. It also employs hydraulics to operate the spikes, grabbing the hay bales similar to that of the “pincer fingers” or the “arm grip”. As an attachment, farmers can use their available heavy equipment and have the spike fitted. They no longer have to buy a whole new equipment.

This spike can handle loads of up to 2,500 kg. It uses a Universal hitch or a standard hitch adapter frame. It can be fitted unto any hitch type including Challenge and Euro, which could be attached to a U-bolt. Farmers can check the type of hitch they have on their equipment and a matching hitch can be attached on the spike during their purchase.

A Tuskan bale spike can handle round and square bales as well. This spike acts as a hay bale grab, compacting each set and preventing hay from falling apart. This means that the farmer need not consume time in placing strings or wrappings around the bales. This also entails that the farmer no longer need to risk arm and limb in cutting the string and freeing the bale from a fork. This square and round bale grab action of a Tuskan spike makes the process faster and less risky. Double acting remotes are used to operate this spike. However, it can also be used as a conventional fork for stacking hale bales. This does not need hydraulics.

Tuskan is an invention of the Wallace family, who are proud of their lineage of farmers and their generations of manufacturers in farm equipment. From Cowra, NSW, the Wallace family understands the risks that farmers face on a daily basis. They also understand the need to increase productivity and efficiency of many farms through upgrading their farming equipment. For twenty years, this family has been engineering farm equipment and sharing these to the agricultural community.  Please visit

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