Friday 10th April 2015

by Vanessa

If  youare looking at the prevailing tree removal Marietta market for a professional company, you are likely to part with a tangible sum of money; the services may be costly. That requires you to draw up a budget and plan to hire a company to remove your tree stumps for a fee.

However, it is also important to know some DIY tips that you can follow and have your tree stumps removed at a lesser cost. Removing tree stumps on your lawn without involving a tree removal Marietta company is beneficial both as a money-saving strategy and as source of physical exercise.

This guide offers a systematic approach that you can use to remove your tree stumps even without involving a tree removal Marietta company at the moment. Here is how:

Tools: The tools you need range from a shovel to a stump grinder and a rake. The process may take between one and two hours depending on the size and type of stump.

Steps involved

1.   Using a shovel, dig around the stump and remove any rocks and soil to expose the stump.

2.   Once the stump is exposed, switch on the gas-powered stump grinder and steer it closer to the stump. If you do not own a stump grinder, you can hire one at a garden store at affordable cost.

3.   Set the cutting wheel of the grinder slightly above the stump and drive the grinder forward some inches, lowering the cutting wheel to the stump.

4.   Keeping an eye on the controls, keep switching the cutting wheel from side to side as it eats the stump.

5.   Bring the cutting wheel to a lower level by a few inches to keep grinding more of the stump. Repeat the same procedure until the grinder has eaten the stump to six inches below its grade.

6.   Bring the cutting wheel up and drive the grinder a few inches forward, lowering the cutting wheel to eat more of the stump until all of it is removed. For small stumps, removal to a depth of six inches is recommended.

7.   Once the entire stump is out, use a rake to level the ground by raking the chips. Fill the hole left by the stump with refined top soil, leveling with a rake accordingly.

8.   Spread grass seeds and mix with water and soil. In some time, the grass will sprout and the place will be renovated accordingly.

If you are in Marietta, you can get appropriate advice from tree service companies such as Georgia Tree Pro, before you can begin the removal process. The company has a website that you can access at HTTP://WWW.GATREEPRO.COM/SERVICES/TREE-REMOVAL-MARIETTA/ for more information. Learn more at

In selecting a tree service in Marietta, GA, it is advisable to work with a company that has the highest reputation in the service. Before you land a company for tree service in Marietta, check your local directory to know which companies offer the best service in your community and find out what previous clients say about them. Otherwise you can implement the DIY tips above and succeed as well.

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