One of the most profitable businesses is farming. This is exactly why the agricultural sector continues to grow and expand on a massive scale. Thousands of small agricultural industries are mushrooming, while large businesses expand. Part of the job in a farmland is handling hay bales. While the agricultural sector is expanding, some farmers still have to update their methods and technologies, especially in terms of handling hale bay. The handling and the transporting of hay bales also remain a long and dangerous task. With Tuskan bale spike, farmers can skip the process through a safe and advanced method.

bale spike

A usual method practiced by most farmers in handling bale involves the use of a square bale fork and a forklift. Square and round bales that weigh thousands of kilograms are wrapped in a string and attached to the fork. Then, the bale is loaded into a feed mixer. Before dropping it into the machine, the farmer jumps out of the forklift, climbs up a ladder, and proceeds to the hay bale to cut the string. As easy as it looks, this task is extremely dangerous, considering that the farmer is standing over the feed mixer with functioning grinding rotors rotating at full speed. The farmer repeats the same process over and over again until all bales are loaded into the mixer.

Another method involves the use of a Tuskan bale spike. This forklift attachment has twin spikes, arranged in horizontal parallels. It also employs hydraulics to operate the spikes, grabbing the hay bales similar to that of the “pincer fingers” or the “arm grip”. As an attachment, farmers can use their available heavy equipment and have the spike fitted. They no longer have to buy a whole new equipment.

This spike can handle loads of up to 2,500 kg. It uses a Universal hitch or a standard hitch adapter frame. It can be fitted unto any hitch type including Challenge and Euro, which could be attached to a U-bolt. Farmers can check the type of hitch they have on their equipment and a matching hitch can be attached on the spike during their purchase.

A Tuskan bale spike can handle round and square bales as well. This spike acts as a hay bale grab, compacting each set and preventing hay from falling apart. This means that the farmer need not consume time in placing strings or wrappings around the bales. This also entails that the farmer no longer need to risk arm and limb in cutting the string and freeing the bale from a fork. This square and round bale grab action of a Tuskan spike makes the process faster and less risky. Double acting remotes are used to operate this spike. However, it can also be used as a conventional fork for stacking hale bales. This does not need hydraulics.

Tuskan is an invention of the Wallace family, who are proud of their lineage of farmers and their generations of manufacturers in farm equipment. From Cowra, NSW, the Wallace family understands the risks that farmers face on a daily basis. They also understand the need to increase productivity and efficiency of many farms through upgrading their farming equipment. For twenty years, this family has been engineering farm equipment and sharing these to the agricultural community.  Please visit

Product sourcing can be simply described as finding products to sell through your business. The deal is to buy the products at a wholesale price and sell them online for a profit. Online successful businessmen take product sourcing very seriously as it is a cornerstone of their success.  Product sourcing China firms offer has many advantages which include the country’s experience and education with regard to delivering products that have standards and the Chinese cheap labor among others.

product sourcing china

According to John Roker, many retailers are growing less dependent on brand names in part because they and their suppliers demand and receive good value from Chinese suppliers. However, this business is not simple and requires a lot of effort and diligence. This article highlights on tips on the options for product sourcing China offers today.


When undertaking product sourcing china firms provide, the first thing to do is conduct a thorough research. Find out and learn more about the supplier’s products, the processes involved, the cost of products and the market condition with regard to the products you are interested in. This gives you the ability to be your own best advocate as you will have the knowledge of the suppliers operating in the market. You will know in person what you are dealing with instead of depending on outsourcing agents and have valuable information during negotiations.

Add Value

Another tip to help you succeed in China product sourcing is to ensure you are a value adding customer. Before having negotiations with your supplier have in mind how useful you can be to them and their business or what problems you can help solve. This takes the relationship between you and the supplier to another level and may even lead to a partnership. Also, be a customer that solves issues not adds to them. Even while you are making demands, be reasonable as suppliers’ operations can be affected by quality issues further affecting the customer’s production and delivery, which reduces their profit.

Purchasing Policy

In addition, you should review your purchasing policy by changing the pattern of your demand. You can do this, for example, by creating a purchasing consortium with other supply companies and place orders with a few suppliers. Also, note that buying more increases your chances of making a profit as a larger size may earn a discount.

Aspects of Purchase

In the process of product sourcing china firms offer, it’s also important to consider all the aspects of your purchases. In the course of your negotiations, you may find that the products have a fixed price, however, there are other aspects to consider like down payment, discounts on bulk products and shipping rates. Negotiating to have an increased warranty of a product or the extension of the payment terms is advantageous to your product sourcing business as it improves your cash flow.

The above points are to guide you to successfully handle your product sourcing china currently offers and for information on how to productively work with your Chinese manufacturers, you may visit

It is difficult to imagine even a small business to run without computers and printers. Well, being a part of the computer age, one can never underestimate the importance of these devices in making the life easier. Thanks to the power of the Internet that has further uplifted the usage of these devices and has enhanced the professionalism. Ownership of technology is crucial, but it’s even more important to have a high quality printer for business to get best results. Laser Printer is a great device that works on the non impact photocopier technology. According to IDC report, the laser segment grew by whopping 44 percent in the past few years. The main reason behind this growth was the sharp decline in prices. Also, the Samsung printers are ideal as they come with fast Samsung laser printer repairs services that offer the best support, in case there is a mishandling.


Even in times when the laser printers are easily available and are comparatively much affordable, some old-fashioned  businesses still rely on third parties for fulfilling third print requirements. This is not just time-consuming but also costly at the same time. Owning high-quality printers offers the gift of speed, and the person no longer needs to pay the charges to someone else to get the results. Buying printers from trusted brands comes with reliable services such as the fast Samsung laser printer repairs and maintenance.

Importance of laser printer repair services

The responsibility doesn’t end once you purchase a high quality printer from a trusted band. Regular servicing and preventive maintenance help in keeping the device long lasting. Repairing laser printers can be very confusing if you are not having someone to guide through the process. Getting it serviced from any Tom, Dick and Harry service provider is very harmful and degrades the functioning of the printer. It is always advisable to choose a firm that offers services of affordable Samsung Laser printer repairs but also offers quality assurance.

Here are some of the advantages of getting the laser printer serviced from trusted Samsung Laser printer repairs in Sydney. Fast response time, good value for money, certified and insured services and incorporation of 100% genuine parts are all what a person gets from these authorized service centres. The expert company technicians boost the efficiency and productivity of the device. They understand the impact of downtime to the business when the printer is broken, and therefore, work on a very responsive customer support system that resolves the query in a minimum time span by offering services of fast Samsung laser printer repairs.

Preventive care is equally important

Samsung is a big brand. This reputed electronic giant has released an array of printers all of which come with a complex range of problems. This is why almost every authorized Samsung laser printer repairs company offers high-quality services at reasonable prices. Their technicians are expert in dealing with issues like paper jam, scanning error, missing prints, etc. There is no doubt about the fact that Samsung laser printer repairs services are reliable, but it is always better to prevent your device from major faults by going for preventive maintenance services. Providing maintenance servicing after an interval of time keeps the laser printer in the best working condition and provides the best results without any hindrance for long.

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In 1839, Eduard Simon from Berlin discovered polystyrene from storax, which is the resin derived from the Turkish sweetgum tree. He then distilled the oily substance and named the monomer as styrol. A few days later, he found that this monomer has thickened, probably from oxidation into a jelly-like substance. By 1845, a German chemist found that styrol transformed even without oxygen. They named the new substance metastyrol. Around 80 years later, scientists discovered that the heating of this item triggers a chain reaction producing macromolecules. This subsequently led to the item getting its modern name, polystyrene. Polystyrene sheets are used for making a variety of consumer items, like cushioning to ship delicate electronics appliances, fragile gift items and insulation.

polystyrene sheets

polystyrene sheets

Most effective use of these sheets

In reviewing the National Academy of Sciences, it is imperative to comprehend the differences between styrene, which is a liquid and polystyrene, a solid substance. Styrene is a liquid item that has chemical connections required to form polystyrene, which is a solid substance available in sturdy and sheet form displaying several chemical properties. Though it may sound confusing, both these substances are entirely different. The safety profile of polystyrene sheets is so powerful and secured that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or the FDA has deemed it safe for using in direct contact with beverages and food items. The National Toxicology Program or the NTP assents to that the safety of polystyrene sheets is beyond question, and it would continue to be safe for the next 50 years.

Creation of polystyrene

When styrene molecules connect together into a polymer, it leads to the creation of polystyrene. Polystyrene, an inactive plastic, can be utilized for manufacturing several products, chief among which are the thin layers of sheets. The foam from which the sheets are made consists of hydrocarbon molecules, a derivative of petroleum. When you buy polystyrene sheets, it can provide matchless insulation and a considerable level of structural strength, making it effective and functional for a wide range of applications. See more at Poly Productions

The two basic varieties of a polystyrene sheet include –

·         Polystyrene beads: This helps in the making of extruded sheets, which are melted and then pushed through a metal mold or die. These sheets are known for their dense, stiff and closed-cell manufacturing, which makes them stronger than other variants of sheets.

·         Expanded polystyrene: These types of sheets, commonly referred to as EPS, are made of polystyrene beads after they are filled with air and thrust upon molds or forms to give the desired shapes and thickness. It is a bit less dense than XPS or beads and therefore, less functional for structural purposes.

One of the most common applications of the best polystyrene sheets in NSW is their use as a kind of building insulation. It can be installed effortlessly under roofing or wall cavities or siding to aid in improving the thermal resistant in between inner and outer surfaces. Their efficacy as specialized building materials is also of top quality, and they are also used in art and craft projects.

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