The free Mavericks OS X or the OS X 10.9 has attracted millions of users who have rushed to download the Mac software unlike the older versions such as the Mountain Lion OSX andLion OSX. One downside of Apple’s latest update is that many users are reporting that the machine is slowing down their computers. If you have been experiencing the same slowdown in the performance after downloading the software, here are some tips that you can use to improve the speed and performance of your machine:

mac software

mac software

Avoid panicking before the installation

Do not panic as you prepare to install the software.  Backup your system before carrying out the installation. While the 10.9.0 version may have some glitches, Apple is constantly updating the OS X and you can always find an updated version on the website You may also use a bootable disk drive to carry out the installation process from an external drive.

Update everything

After carrying out the installation of the Mavericks OS X, you can download Mac softwareand carry out an update of everything on your machine. Check out the latest updates for the various Mac software installed on your machine and carry out the updates.  Ensure all your Mac software are running the latest updates. Check out the Apple Mac Store or download the latest software from Mac at and carry out the updates.

Check the apps for compatibility

One of the disadvantages of using third-party apps that have not been verified and validated by Apple such as those in the App Store, is that it is very easy to download and use some rogue apps which can considerably lower the system performance.  Check to ensure that all your apps are compatible with the Mavericks OS X.  One of the tools that you can use to carry out this compatibility test is the RoaringApps. Check out the website at .


You do not have to be an IT guru to run a healthy app.  There are certain simple steps that you can take to ensure your Mac is in tiptop shape. These are dubbed “RSCA”:

  • Command-R: Launch the Recovery Mode for your App by Restarting the Mac and long-pressing the R letter.  Run the Disk Utility in this mode to check your disk and repair any errors which may have occurred. Restart the Mac again.
  • Command-S (Check Spotlight): When you have carried out a major upgrade, the OS in your machine will rebuild the Spotlight in the process degrading your system performance.  Click on the Spotlight icon- a looking glass-and check if there is an ongoing indexing process. A dot should appear at the centre of the glass if indexing is taking place. Wait for this process to complete and you should see an improvement in performance.
  • Commands C and A - The Console and the Activity Monitor: If the system seems unusually slow, launch the Console and the Activity Monitor and determine the apps that are consuming the most resources.

Some of usual standard practices that can be used to improve the system performance include increasing memory, freeing up more memory, and checking for more space. You need at least 10% of drive space so as to work at optimal performance for the storage of temporary files. If you need a Mac software download, check out .

When you talk of white label products, it means there is a provision for you to rebrand or repackage your product to meet your user needs. As the Online backup and cloud backup niches continue to expand in Ireland, there is a great opportunity for technology resellers to dive right in and offer consumers highly customized data backup products. The white label hosting service offers consumers many admirable features that will contribute greatly to the growth of their businesses. These include a highly versatile software support, tech support to assist you in leveraging the power of your brand so as to target your customers with greater efficacy and a top quality backup product assuring your customers of a great deal of reliability.

online backup

online backup

Why resellers choose the white label or brandable option

The white label option is advantageous to those users who basically do not have the money to build their own data centres and online backup infrastructure. This is a step that typically requires millions of dollars to implement. The big industry players either build massive data storage facilities to handle the data backup or lease some resources from some of leading data centres. If you are a small to medium level player looking for a product that allows you to brand and market using your own business colors, logos and unique marketing messages, then the white label product is the best option for you.

The white label features

One of the biggest advantages of the white label cloud backup services is that you can give the product your unique identity without necessarily forfeiting some of the main frills of the hosting product. You can add your application name to the software, add some logo, and other personalized features to your online backup solution.  Other key and admirable features include a web-based management system, email updates on data backup processes, simple installation procedures and good quality second line support for your online backup services.

The cloud-based infrastructure

Choose the highly reliable cloud-based infrastructure in Ireland that is provided by the BackupVault. The company is one of the leading providers of online backup and recovery services in Ireland and its white label service offers resellers unsurpassed quality. BackupVault was founded in 2004 and has over 10 years’ experience in the industry and one of the most profitable online backup reseller programs in Ireland.

The service offers compatibility with all the operating systems. Whether you are planning to run Linux, UNIX, OSX or Windows-based online backup platform, the system caters for you fully.  The web-based control panel is fully branded and offers consumers several capabilities.  For example, the clients can manage user accounts, support tickets and various logs generated by the users of the system. Other features of the control panel include marketing materials, and other configurations. As a partner or client, you can have beautifully branded web client software for your use. Check out for additional details on the company’s cloud backup and online backup services so as to boost your productivity and ensure business continuity. Prospective resellers can get in touch with the BackupVault at or visit the company’s premises at Q House in Dublin.

Modern technology has changed the way people live these days. However, the ability to harness the power of natural resources like the sun is still sought after by consumers, the government, and private company owners. The reason for this is to preserve the environment by cutting back on use of technologies that are potentially hazardous to the environment. And there is no other form of natural energy that has been as widely utilized as solar energy. Indeed, solar powered technological installations are quite common these days with solar Attic Fans among the most popular.

Attic Fans

The installation of solar ventilation is growing in popularity due to its ability to regulate temperature level and properly insulate homes (especially during summer months). If you are still not convinced about the benefits of switching to a solar fan, there are four reasons that you need to know about to help you decide.

It prevents home damage.

The attic is more than a simple storage room where you dump all of the unused items at home. It plays a critical role in regulating air flow within the house by releasing warm air through its vents so that it does not get too hot inside. At the same time, the attic also aids in maintaining the integrity of the roof structure against extreme weather conditions such as snow, sun, and the rain. Installing a solar powered attic fan can help facilitate in all of these processes. By opting to install a fan, you save on home repair and re-construction in the long run.

It protects the attic itself.

This is somewhat related to the reason stated above; however, it focuses primarily on preserving the integrity of the attic’s structure. Home builders install ridges or vents within the attic to alleviate the rising temperatures in this part of the house during summer. But when the attic is exposed to high levels of heat on a regular basis, it can suffer a great deal of wear and tear too. Attic fans can stop or slow down the deterioration process of the structure.

It provides tax benefits.

All homeowners that install solar attic ventilation qualify into the energy upgrade program by the government and earn tax incentives. The government has promised 30% savings for those who qualify into the program. However, this 30% savings is not given as tax deductible but through rebate. You can therefore enjoy more benefits when you undertake home improvement projects that are energy-efficient.

It is eco-friendly.

As mentioned above, solar energy is being harnessed to power attic ventilation so you do not contribute to more damage in the environment. If you support any initiative to preserving the environment, you can take it as a first step.

Would you like to have attic fans installed in your home? Solar Royal is your best choice as they continue to innovate technologically advanced ventilation products that are designed to improve the quality of your life. In addition, you can also expect huge savings on your utility bills with their products making fans a worthy investment. You can find out about their solar powered ventilation systems by going over to their website at

If there is one thing that can make time spent in a swimming pool turn like a vacation, it is improving its look. And that can be easily achieved by pool balustrading. POOL Balustrading Gold Coast-based services do exactly that by installing state-of-the-art aesthetically pleasing fences around your pool. Absolute Custom Glass Systems offer some of the best pool fencing Gold Coast based services available today, using only the finest possible materials.

Pool Balustrading Gold coast

Pool Balustrading Gold coast

Custom Glass Systems

Absolut Custom Glass Systems, a family-owned and operated company, provides service from the Gold Coast to the Byron Bay area. They both supply and install customized glass systems for residential and commercial industries.

Over their decade and a half in the business, they have already completed at least 3,000 residential and commercial projects and have done so successfully. With projects ranging from $500 to a half million, it is undebatable that Absolut does provide the best service possible without compromising on quality. A quick look at their website will show you all that you need to know about the company and its unparalleled services.

One of their goals is to provide grand glass pool fencing Gold Coast service that delivers guaranteed results. Their choice of work and overall aesthetic mastery is known to enhance pools and other outdoor areas with elegance that ranges from the contemporary to the sophisticated, all the while providing maximum safety and minimal maintenance.

Pool Fence Installation

The glass pool fence installation Gold Coast aesthetics creates a surrealistic sense of light and space while the views of the pool is maximised through the absence of obstructed sight lines. Compared to other companies that provide limited pool fencing services, Absolut Custom Glass Systems provide a wide array of modern frameless and semi-frameless glass designs and, as their name suggests, create a customized design to suit the customer’s wishes. After all, pool fence installation in Gold Coast can only make a beautiful house even more attractive.

Pool Glass Balustrading

They also offer pool glass balustrading Gold Coast installations. Their services even extend to areas outside of the Gold Coast, such as Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. Absolut makes sure that their product range is updated constantly and their pool balustrading Gold Coast materials are guaranteed industrial-grade, ensuring the utmost in durability and quality.

Absolut Custom Glass

Jason Walsh, the face of Absolut Custom Glass Systems, has been noted by a string of their customers from both residential and commercial industries as nothing but an always courteous, respectful and trustworthy man. His organization skills have always been noted as exceptional. And most importantly, he can be expected to be always be punctual.

The family owned company also has a special offer in frameless pool fencing. What used to be $600 per Lm is now only $299. On top of that, they give away a free frameless gate for every 10 meter of frameless pool fencing installed.

Absolut Custom Glass Systems can be reached 0410 534 137 or by dropping at They are located in 2/45-47 Township Drive, Burleigh Heads, Queensland.

The invention of the Internet has brought about unimaginable changes in the world of business. This is especially true on the way businesses market their products, which has undergone phenomenal changes. Earlier, businesses were adopting traditional methods for marketing but at the same time could know the efficacy of their methods only through the volume of their sales. But now, businesses can easily have constant and ongoing information about the effectiveness of their marketing. One of the tools with which they can market and also know the efficacy of their marketing efforts is SEO. They can engage the services of an SEO firms for doing their SEO marketing.


seo firms


When you are trying to seek the help of a Search Engine Optimisation Brisbane company, you must keep in mind that your competitors are also doing online marketing. They are also getting their websites hosted and they are also using SEO and other related strategies for promoting their products. Therefore, your strategies should be unique.


You may think that your marketing efforts may become a relentless struggle if you focus on competing with the other players in your field. The best advice can be that you should liberate your mind from such a focus on competition. Instead, you must concentrate only on making your website “visible” to more number of potential customers. The general Search Engine Optimisation suggestions given by experts can neither be exhaustive nor be comprehensive. That is why you should look for those search engine optimisation agencies Brisbane that are ready to understand the needs of your business fully and provide you with perfect solutions that can get you the expected results.


The SEO firm you choose should be reputed and should have more focus on the interest of your business than on their profits or growth. If the firm succeeds in optimising your website in the best possible manner, your site will certainly attract more potential customers because people depend upon search engines for all the information they need. This means that your sole aim should be to get a high ranking for your website.


But, customers who visit your website should be impressed with what they see on it. You should therefore ensure that the contents on your site provide them with all the information they are looking for. Only if the potential customers are certain that they can get what they want, they will become your ‘real’ customers. Otherwise, they will look for other companies that can provide them with the solutions they are seeking.


So, the success of your SEO efforts depends upon the efficacy of the strategies adopted by the SEO Firm you appoint and also the information you make available on your website. The site should be elegant-looking and easy for navigation.


Another huge benefit you may get by appointing an efficient SEO Firm is that the firm will make sure that the ranking your site gets on the search engines is stable or improves further. A stable ranking can get consistently increasing traffic to your site. So, your customer base will keep expanding. That is why SEO is considered a trusted strategy for improving your business.


The SEO Firm you choose should provide you with a wide range of options so that you can choose a package that can match the level of competition you face in your industry. If you are new to SEO, you should be allowed to choose a no-contract package for getting started. If your business has already tried SEO, you can opt for fixed-term packages that are suitable for the goals you have been targeting. In short, the firm you choose should work closely with you for making your web presence stronger.


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Success in the retail industry means staying in control and being updated about everything that goes down in your business. Whether you have a book or a magazine shop, a coffee house, or just about any general retail store, the movement of the stocks should be managed efficiently and effectively. On top of that, the presence of stiff competition makes it even more challenging to obtain great results; but if you have Computerlink’s innovative Cash Register Software, the means to the results that you need are all in your fingertips.

Cash Register Software

The True Source of Innovative Solutions

For over 30 years, Computerlink has been in the forefront of innovative solutions for small to medium-scale retail businesses not just in Australia but in other countries as well. Its array of Retail POS Systems has helped a lot of brands thrive in a fast-paced environment by providing them with up-to-date technology and hardware and software support. All of these essential things are just on the cusp of what the company provides its clients.

The ability to keep up with the ever-evolving technology is an attribute Computerlink thrives on; and since then it has built strong ties with the world’s most trusted POS equipment manufacturers. This has led its customers to experience the advantage of the latest systems in Retail Point Of Sale Software. Aside from its good relationship with POS manufacturers, it has also treated clients like family. With more than three decades of providing assistance, Computerlink still continues to gain more and more loyal customers around the world.

A Complete Menu for Retail Success

When it comes to Cash Register Software and POS system, nothing else comes close to Computerlink’s integrated menu. For starters, clients can access and program the menu through a touch screen display for quick access. It also comes with a fool-proof PC-EFTPOS software design that eliminates the common problem of double-key entries. When a client wants to retrieve data for or about customers, the system can retrieve the stored data quickly, all-inclusive of the salesperson on account, payment terms, and other pertinent details.

One of the most crucial aspects of a retail business is properly handling the stocks, and Computerlink’s Retail POS Systems has got everything covered. Its software comes with a Purchase Order Management system that helps the client produce purchase orders, apply some necessary changes, and track its movement until the supplier sends in the delivery. With this tool, the supplier’s invoice can be checked easily against the delivery tickets. Finally, when it comes to reconciling reports, Computerlink’s Cash Register Software provides End of Day reports that provide instant information about the entire day’s transaction. This helps the clients make better decisions.

The Key to the Company’s Success

Computerlink’s continuous success isn’t constituted with just a formula or a string of codes; rather, it stems from the company’s unfaltering desire to connect to its clients by providing 7-day customer support. There is nothing more critical than a customer who needs help, and the company has always been there to provide ready, reliable, and instantaneous assistance. Their unwavering desire to provide above-excellent customer service has proven to be the an integral cornerstone to the company’s success, helping it become one of the most trusted and recommended brands worldwide.

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When you are spending more and getting less benefit from your vehicle, then it may be time to give car wreckers wellington a call. It may be tempting to just leave your car on the street when nobody is looking but then again, why take the chance when you can still get something out of it?

car wreckers wellington

Toyota wreckers wellington has an interesting business which appeals to those who want to get rid of their vehicles the easiest way possible while getting some returns along the way. Seeing your non-performing vehcile everyday can be stressful so make sure you go for a company that will respond to your needs immediately.

Get car wreckers ASAP

Wellington’s car wreckers can dispose of your car as soon as you call them for assistance. The company has people who are capable of immediately picking up your wrecked car at any time of the day, even on the very same day you requested them to do so.

For immediate response, make sure you fill out the form on the site of car wreckers wellington or call them at 0800 649 648. Surprisingly, the company offers free removal of your motor vehicle the moment you contact them for their services. It is easy to get up to $10,000 cash for cars from this company if you own any of the following:

  • Trucks
  • Vans
  • 4WDs
  • Cars

The company will pay for any vehicle brand that you own. Better yet, they are willing to remove your vehicle for free provided they are located in the greater Wellington region including the following areas:

  • Manawatu
  • Palmerston North
  • Wairarapa
  • Kapiti Coast
  • Porirua
  • Lower Hutt

What to expect from Toyota wreckers

Once you call the number or contact the company through the website, expect its personnel to call you back. Provide them the exact location of your vehicle so they can pick it up and take it to Seaview, Lower Hutt where their yard is located. The company’s experienced personnel will be there to dismantle the vehicle and break it down into various pieces following a strict system and procedure.

You may have developed a close relationship with your vehicle but you must admit that there comes a time when you and your car must separate. Don’t despair because aside from getting the appropriate compensation for your car, you also get the satisfaction of knowing that by availing of the services of car wreckers wellington, you are able to help many people who may need some car parts that can still be salvaged, and artists who can make use of these car parts for art’s sake.

No matter what type of vehicle you own or what manufacturer it came from, this is the best company that will help you get the best of both worlds. That includes benefitting from your old or even wrecked car in cash and social purposes as well. So if you need to have your Suzuki, Honda, Kia, Toyota, Hino, Fuso or some other car brands removed or dismantled, you know what company to call.

Feel free to visit us on our website! Thanks

Many people find themselves in situations where they are stuck with old car but cannot find a good buyer for them.  Of course no one will want to buy an old beat-up car and if they do, it will be at a throwaway price. Instead of selling your car for peanuts or having it sit idle in the garage, there is a way you can get some cash from the car through cash for cars services.
cash for cars
What are cash for cars services?
These are services that are mostly offered by car wreckers. They offer to buy your car, as old as it is, for a certain price. They then dismantle it and take out various parts that can still be used on other vehicles. In essence you car continues to live on and you get to have some cash for your next car.
Cash for cars Auckland
The number of motor vehicle owners has gone up in Auckland in the recent years. This has in turn created a booming business for car wreckers. If you need to sell your car, there are many buyers who will eagerly take it off your hands and pay you handsomely. National Car Removal & Car Parts is one of the most popular wrecking companies in Auckland. Whether you need services for car removal Auckland or cash for cars, the company can help you out.
Getting the maximum amount of money from your car
Having a car does not automatically mean that you get paid handsomely for it; you have to make some effort to present your car in its best shape. This will ensure that the buyer is pleased and willing to offer more cash for the car. Below are tips on how to make sure that you have earned well from the sale of your car.
  • The first thing is to of course research where you can sell your car. As mentioned above, wrecking companies such as National Car Removal & Car Parts in Auckland are your best bet.
  • Do some minor servicing to the car and make sure it’s clean. The first impression of the car from the buyer can make all the difference. If the car looks clean and well maintained you are likely to earn more from its sale.
  • You can also do some comparisons. Research several companies and ask for quotes. The quotes will tell you how much they will pay for your car. You can then compare and contrast.
Other services
Other than cash for cars, National Car Removal & Car Parts also offers a variety of other services aimed at car owners. They include;
  • Junk car removal. Having a junk car sit around idle is bad for aesthetics and it can also damage the environment. National Car Removal & Car Parts offers to remove the scrap car for you. This way you get to get some space back and you also conserve the environment since the car will be reused in other ways.
  • Sale of used car parts. This can be very beneficial financially since they are much cheaper than new parts.
 Exchange your junk cars for big cash at

With towns and cities growing bigger and bigger with time, issues of security have to be taken into serious consideration when planning for an event. Security ensures that the program runs smoothly without interruption and keeps your guests safe and comfortable. Finding the right security bouncers for hire can be a daunting task. This is because you cannot just hire anyone to be a bouncer. You need to ensure that the bouncers are reliable, licensed experienced and skilled in handling different security situations professionally.

Consider these factors before hiring security

  • Size of the event. Not all events require security. A small event with 10 or 20 people can be carried out without the need to hire bouncers unless the people involved are very important. Big and medium-size events that attract huge crowds are the ones ideal for security.
  • Number of security bouncers for hire needed. Again this will depend on the size and type of event. A small shareholders event does not require as many bouncers as a large outdoor music party.
  • Budget. Hiring security for your event is not free and you have to think of the amount of money involved. This means that you have to look for an affordable security company that can also guarantee quality services.

What to look for in an event security hire Melbourne

As you look for the right bouncers for your event, do not always go with physique. A large intimidating size is a plus but it does not always mean that the bouncer is good enough. Rather, start off with skills and experience before coming to the physical attributes.
A good security company will help you in choosing the right bouncers based on your specifications. For instance if it is a ladies-only event, you can specifically ask for female bouncers.

Finding the right company

Getting the right company should be your first step. The best place to start is the internet. You will be able to read reviews and compare ratings of different companies providing security bouncers for hire. You may also decide to do it manually through a phonebook or local directory. This may however not give you a clear picture of the quality of services provided by a certain company. If you need to compare prices, some companies offer price quotes. Simply say what type of security services you need and a price quote will be prepared and provided. Price quotes are important in comparing among different companies and picking the most affordable one. You should however be careful of picking a cheap one that offers low standard services that could compromise your event.

Communication is the key

Finally, it is important that communication be made a priority. Communicate to the bouncers your exact requirements. This prevents mishaps and confusions that could hamper the progress of your event. This is even more crucial of the event is big and big crowds are involved. If you are too busy with the event, it is better of you appoint someone to coordinate the security. Communication before and throughout the event keeps everything smooth and operational.

Contact us at and hire reliable Security Bouncers.